China: 杏花天影  “Shadows of apricot blossoms” song from Song Dynastie von Jiang Kui

Tajikistan:  love song – „Ruboeti Rushon“

Kasachstan: love song – „Iligai“

Usbekistan: Zuleimen Yudakov – Bichon`s aria from opera „The pranks of the Maysara“

Azerbaijdan: Tofik Guliyev -„Sene de galmaz“

Türky:  love song – „Üsküdar’a gider Iken”

Lieder der Sehnsucht in zehn Sprachen

With this extraordinary concert evening Soprano Ekaterina Potego leads us across the Silk Road. Starting in China going through Mongolia, from Tajikistan to Turkey and through the Russian part back to China.

The legendary and mysterious route between Asia and Europe is thousands of kilometers long. The Silk Road goes through desserts, iced mountains, and other wonderful lonely places.

While singing Ekaterina Potego embodies all the different aspects of the Silk Road such as enthusiasm and beauty, furthermore she performs in ten languages. During the performance, Ekaterina Potego is accompanied by a wonderful multimedia presentation.

The historical bridge between the continents is created each concert anew with the power of music.